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Greetings from the heart of deep south Texas! Rio ARC is proud that our website has now been active for One Year. We thank you all for visiting and hope this site provides you with information regarding Ham Radio in general and updates you on the Rio Amateur Radio Club (Rio ARC) functions.

Rio ARC proudly calls Harlingen, known as "The Tropical Playground of Texas," its home. Situated at the crossroads of I-2 and I-69E in Cameron County, we extend our warm welcome to the entire Rio Grande Valley (RGV), including McAllen, Brownsville, South Padre Island, Port Isabel, San Benito, Raymondville, and, of course, Harlingen. These cities and the many other un-named communities in the RGV help make this the best area to live in Texas and the US.

At Rio ARC, we embrace individuals with a passion for Ham radio communications, electronics, and computer theory, recognizing the pivotal role they play in the world of Amateur Radio. Yet, we understand that it's not solely about technology; it's also about the extraordinary sense of camaraderie and community that amateur radio enthusiasts experience.  We offer you the chance to establish enduring friendships with fellow Hams who share your enthusiasm. We orchestrate captivating club events and social gatherings, creating opportunities for connections, idea sharing, and the formation of cherished memories.

Join us for our informal breakfast meetups, held twice a week, where we unite over good food, outstanding company, and vibrant conversations spanning amateur radio and many other topics. You can look further down the page for information on the locations where we meet or view our calendar page.

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Future Events

Breakfast Every Wednesday at 8:00 am

Los Leones in La Feria , 109 N Main St, La Feria, TX 78559-5004

Breakfast Every Saturday  at 8:00 am

Tejano Grill in Harlingen, 803 S 77 Sunshine Strip
Harlingen, TX 78550 

2025 ARRL Field Day is June 28. Rio ARC will be at Dixieland Park from 1:00pm until about 5:00pm.  Just look Rio ARC Banner.

Dixieland Park, Harlingen, TX 78550

Monthly Club Meeting, 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm 2nd Tuesday of each month, except December.

Second Presbyterian Church, 901 W Lincoln Ave,  Harlingen, TX. 78550

If you would like to add the Rio ARC's calendar to your phone or computer, just click the link  iCal Rio ARC. 

 Rio ARC Hamfest 7:00 am to 12:00pm February 8th, 2025

Sunshine RV Resort, 1900 Grace Ave, Harlingen, TX 78550 


Barry's Corner
Barry A. Boothe, W9UCW

"Over the coming months on this venue, I plan to present a variety of technical pieces and stories from nearly 70 years as an active ham."

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